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Easy Christmas Bakes

The festive period is the perfect opportunity for smaller outlets to branch out with their cake selection. Add some seasonal flavours and toppings to your most popular treats and you’ll have a lot more than mince pies to offer this Christmas.

“Cafes and snack bars can add premium to their cakes by making their flavours seasonal,” said Helen Vass, pastry chef consultant. “Jazz up simple cakes with seasonal garnishes such as sugarpaste snowflakes or chocolate stars – small details will make a big impact!”

What to serve
Mince pies continue to be a customer pleaser but how about giving them a twist? Scrumptious Cakes, in Chatburn, Lancashire makes mince slices as an alternative to the traditional pie. “Mince pies are so popular that we decided to make mince slices – like jam slices – as a change, and our customers loved them!” said owner Jemma Louise Green. “It was a change from the normal mince pie and worked exceptionally well for those customers eating on the go.”

Don’t be shy when it comes to decorating cakes and biscuits with colourful icing and festive trimmings. Shortbread biscuits and gingerbread shaped as Christmas trees or stars will be a winner, or get even more creative and use coloured icing to decorate your gingerbread men (and women) wearing scarfs and hats, or even dressed as Santa and Mrs Claus!

Christmas cupcakes
Cupcakes continue to be a popular treat, so why not have fun with them this Christmas? Sprinkle some snowflakes on top or pop a mini snowman or reindeer face onto your icing to make it a show-stopping cupcake that will allow you to add a slightly higher price than normal. Use seasonal flavours of spiced apple cider and cranberry or chocolate peppermint to give your cupcakes a festive kick.

Take away
It’s always a lovely treat for customers to be able to take their cakes home in a cake box or equally attractive packaging. Why not consider a festive box or simply use traditionally coloured napkins of green or red to create a seasonal feel for customers?

Twist on tradition
Want to put a twist on your popular cakes and treats? For scones, cranberry and mixed spice scones make a great alternative to a fruit version. Here are a few more festive flavours:
• Cranberry and orange meringue pie
• Chocolate orange cheesecake
• Chestnut caramel shortbread
• Spiced Victoria sponge cake

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