premier-mcdougal 5/2/20

Brits Eat Out More, But Spend Less

Eating out is a luxury few Brits are willing to forgo, according to a new survey, but it’s a case of more is less. For while YouGov figures show that the average Brit now eats out about once a week – more than any time since December 2010 – spending is down. Over the first six months of the year, spending in restaurants and pub restaurants fell from an average of £17 in January to £15.46 in June and has now dropped to £12.30.

Says Paul Backman, of foodservice marketing consultancy Horizons: “It is surprising given the difficult economy and the fact that retail spending remains low that people are still eating out on a regular basis but that average spend has fallen is evidence of cost cutting – forgoing a course, opting for a sharing dish or ordering a glass instead of a bottle of wine.

“The amount of discounting in the sector has also driven down average spend. Pub restaurants, and the large chains in particular, have also been very successful in reducing their prices to improve footfall.”

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