Coca Cola _ June 2019

Egg on Easter

Egg on a full reservations book this Easter by tempting potential customers with your offering now.

Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend, falls on March 29, which means we’ve had quite a wait for our first Bank Holiday since the festive season. It also means spring has sprung so hopefully, some good weather will encourage a good turn-out of diners.

New season roast lamb is the classic Easter main. Other traditional favourites are Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake. Hot Cross Buns have been around since pagan times when ancient Brits baked them to honour the springtime goddess, Eostre. The round bun represented the moon and the four quarters, the four seasons. By medieval times, Christians had taken over the tradition, baking and eating the buns on Good Friday. For them, the buns’ rotundity was symbolic of the stone used to seal the entrance to Jesus’ tomb and the cross represented the cross on which Jesus died.

Simnel cake is a rich fruit cake covered with a layer of marzipan. There are 11 marzipan balls around the top of the cake to represent Jesus’ 11 faithful disciples. We’ve updated the traditional recipe by making Simnel Cake cupcakes – lovely and very saleable!

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