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Egging on young diners

Egging on Young Diners

If you offer a separate children’s menu, you could do well to include some egg dishes this summer.

Top baby feeding experts, Annabel Karmel and dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton, are backing a new British Lion eggs campaign to debunk myths around eating eggs which, according to a new survey, have caused many mums-to-be and their babies to miss out on eggs’ proven nutritional benefits.

Eggs are now safer and more nutrient-dense than ever but in the recent Omnibus poll of women aged 18 to 44 years, more than half of mums in the younger age grouping were concerned about eating eggs while pregnant.

To kick off the campaign, a new report, written by Dr Ruxton entitled “Value of eating eggs during pregnancy and early childhood”, has been published in the Nursing Standard, recommending eggs as an ideal food for mothers-to-be and their babies.

It is set to be followed by a range of activity throughout the year, which includes advertising features outlining the nutritional benefits of eggs for expectant mothers and young children in leading health professional magazines, Community Practitioner and Primary Health Care, and in consumer titles such as Pregnancy & Birth, Mother & Baby and Prima Baby & Pregnancy.

The features will include child-friendly egg recipes created by Annabel Karmel. In addition, interactive activity is also set to take place on the Babycentre website. Says Andrew Joret, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council: “Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available and can make an important contribution to the diet of pregnant women and infants but because of the myths that have surrounded eating eggs, many are missing out on their considerable benefits. This campaign is a significant step towards changing the perception of eggs among health professionals, mothers-to-be and new mothers.”

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