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Expansion of Fairway Own Label

For over 30 years Fairway Foodservice has been successfully supplying own brand frozen products to caterers throughout the UK. Now, it is extending that expertise into the ambient and chilled arena. Take Stock investigates…

Historically specialists in frozen foods, the introduction of ambient and chilled products throughout the Fairway wholesaler network began some seven years ago. Year on year growth of over 20 per cent has seen Fairway massively develop ambient sales to the extent that by the beginning of this year, it could offer a full range of products in every sector, except for a range of own-label non-frozen goods. To address this shortcoming and get feedback from the market about acceptability, Fairway launched its first ambient Fairway Foodservice brand – pickles, packed in plastic containers rather than glass. Introduced early in 2012, these have proved highly successful with caterers because of their quality and value.

Building upon that success, Fairway has now announced the launch of own brand gravies and bouillons (see overleaf for details). These are some of the largest volume product lines (gravies certainly) that wholesale customers use and Fairway claims that the quality is just as good as the brand leader but at a substantially more competitive price point.

Alongside this initiative, Fairway has also launched a complete range of catering cleaning products under the ‘Fairway Professional’ label. Produced by a leading manufacturer, these products are aimed directly at the professional end of the market. They offer competitive prices as well as packaging to the latest industry standards, including easy to use colour coding for different areas of a caterers business, full usage guidelines and the availability of COSHH certification.

These products are bench marked against the brand leading products to make sure they are just as effective, just as easy to use and as safe. Fairway’s aim is to offer its customers products that give complete satisfaction, whilst saving money.

Richard Ellison, Fairway’s marketing manager tells Take Stock: “We have a programme to introduce more ambient and chilled products over the next 18 months but we will always ensure that whatever the product, the quality is as good as the brand leader. We want to offer brand leading functionality and save our customers money.”

Fairway are offering 20% off first orders on all new ranges. Quote Fairway 20 when placing your order.

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