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Fairway Foodservice Aberdeen Angus Restaurant Burger

Fairway Serve Up Top Class Burger

Fairway have launched an instant classic with their A grade, 100% Aberdeen Angus, Restaurant Burger.

Ideally pitched for the summertime market, this big, meaty 168g* burger has a hearty ‘homemade’ look to match the carefully sourced quality ingredients.

And it also solves one of life’s great riddles – by arriving frozen and oval, yet cooking into a neat round shape to fit perfectly into one of Fairway’s range of plain or seeded Gourmet Buns.

The raw oval shape is necessary to allow for the stretching and shrinking of meat fibres during cooking, which when viewed in reverse, explains why traditional raw round burgers end up oval!

The Restaurant Burger uses only the finest Irish, grass fed beef and is from quality cuts designed to produce maximum beefy flavour and a perfect texture. A comprehensive history of each animal provides full traceability all the way back to the farm where the animal was reared. Only forequarter, hindquarter, steak, middle and fore rib are used and are visually checked by skilled butchers to ensure the perfect mix.

As part of Fairway’s commitment to quality, samples from each batch of burgers are sent for lab analysis, so you can be confident every pack of 30 Restaurant Burgers you order has been made with the greatest care and attention to food safety.

Different cuts of meat contain different levels of fat and water, but the use of visual lean meat in the Restaurant Burger substantially cuts shrinkage during cooking. Visual lean is a term used to describe meat assessed by experienced professionals who make a ‘visual’ judgement on meat content. They ensure Fairway burgers contain only the very best cuts. Shrinkage for a burger cooked from frozen can vary depending on cooking times and styles as well as the burger recipe itself.

For example, use of a clam griddle limits surface area shrinkage because the heavy lid presses the meat flat during cooking, whereas an open flat plate allows the burger to contract. However the final cooked weight hardly differs using either method. And even with the intense heat of outdoor grills or barbecues, the Restaurant Burger will still keep its attractive size and shape. Fairway’s new sour dough buns are an attractive alternative to standard sesame seed top breads and come either plain or as a multi-seed version with a tasty mix of linseed, millet and poppy seeds for that healthy rustic look.

So when combined with salad, toppings and complimented with Fairway chips, the new Restaurant Burger delivers an upmarket classic perfectly suited to your sizzling summer menu.

*Other sizes are available to meet all your catering needs.

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