Brillo Cleaning Guide 10/19

Family Values

In our recent article, Child’s Play, we discuss how to make your establishment more family friendly this summer and the benefits of doing so.

Here is a complied shortlist for your consideration:

  • Children often dictate where families choose to eat

  • Parents want value for money, healthy food and drink options and a child friendly welcoming environment

  • Mitchells & Butlers’ investor review noted a 3% rise in eating out since 2007

  • Spend on eating out  increased by £17 billion since 2003

  • Parents  like half portion menu options for kids

  • Small bites, colourful packaging and presentation pitched at the right price is a winning formula

  • Colouring sheets and crayons are a low cost way to keep kids occupied

  • Make families  welcome and they’ll be back

    To read the full article on catering for families, please click here.

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