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Feed Your Eyes

Our Twitter followers have done it again, sending us dozens of photos of stunning dishes they’ve created. The quality and range of submissions continue to dazzle and impress us. As always, it was a tough job whittling them down to the top five for each course. Thanks again for all the amazing entries, please keep them coming to #FeedYourEyes. And a huge thanks to our sponsors RH Amar, Premier Foods and Kerrymaid, because now the winner from each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. The competition is hotting up!


Dan Abbs @dabbs1981 – Pastry chef at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University – Strawberry soup, basil parfait

Dean Douglass @dean_douglass – Head chef at Noir Bar & Lounge, Whitley Bay – Crisp skinned salmon, pickled veg salad

Tom Sturman @davor1 – Head chef at Da Vinci restaurant, Cleveland – Torched mackerel, smoked pâté & bonbons, beetroot three ways, meringue, horseradish & samphire

Sam Everett @sameverett203 – Head chef at The Riverside Restaurant, Rochdale – Braised pig’s cheek, asparagus, wild garlic pesto, caper & raisin purée

Claudia Escobar @Justlovefood – Head chef at Justlovefood, Leigh, Scotland – Cold smoked eel, hebridean peat smoked scallop, keta, seaweeds & lime peel


Billy Frost @billyfrost1991 – Head chef at Thyme at Bawtry, Doncaster – Pan roast chicken breast, confit leg, champ mash,
glazed carrots and shallot rings

Bjorn Moen @thehartinn – Freelance head chef in Cheltenham – Nori, chicken & prawn ballotine w butternut gnocci, nasturtium, asp, pork belly & peanut

Simon Martin @EI_Barto – Head chef at No1 Church Street, Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire – Lamb, lamb fat gnocchi, tomato, thyme and asparagus

John Grabecki @John_Grabecki – Head chef, BNY Mellon – Bream, tomato, olive, sea vegetables & leek

Dan Watkins @danchef82 – Freelance sous chef, Gloucestershire – Chicken and chorizo terrine, chilli jam, pesto foam


Connor Carway @Chef_Carway – Chef at The Last Wine Bar, Norwich – Strawberry, pistachio and white chocolate

Noel Keane @chefnoelk – Head chef at River Island Hotel, Co Kerry – Wild honey & essence of violet panna cotta, helgas rubhard sorbet, whiskey & elderflower soup

Tom Mackins @ChefTomMackins – Head chef at Falmouth Bay Cafe, Cornwall – Chocolate and coffee

Jonny Mills @jonnyhmills – Head chef at The Ebrington Arms, Gloucestershire – Duck egg custard, poached rhubarb, granola, goat’s milk sorbet

Michael King @mking1984 – Head chef at Clarice House, Colchester – Assington strawberry, pistachio, smoked yogurt
and basil


Dan Abbs @dabbs1981 Pastry chef at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University – Strawberry soup, basil parfait

Billy Frost @billyfrost1991 Head chef at Thyme at Bawtry, Doncaster – Pan roast chicken breast, confit leg, champ mash, glazed carrots and shallot rings

Michael King @mking1984 Head chef at Clarice House, Colchester – Assington strawberry, pistachio, smoked yogurt and basil

Feed Your Eyes

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