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Feel the Love

Have fun this Valentine’s Day through your sweet menu and everyone, young and old, single or coupled, can feel the love when they visit your outlet on Friday, 14 February. And why not spread the love across the whole weekend?

“When thinking of Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is love hearts,” says Emma Stamp, senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker Professional. “Why not use the symbol through your ingredients to evoke a sense of romance?”

Here are Emma’s top tips on how to incorporate love hearts into your fave sweet treats:
• Add a hidden surprise – a loaf cake with a secret heart in the middle, only revealed once sliced, is a real showstopper. Cut out hearts from a red sponge and on top of a layer of chocolate mixture add these to your loaf tin and cover completely with the rest of your mix to hide your hearts.
• Give your cupcakes some love – create a romantic twist by adding a heart decoration on the top of each cupcake. Simply take out the sponge in the middle of your cupcake and using your cutter shape into a heart to sit on top of a swirl of buttercream.
• Jazz up your biscuits – embrace the popularity of chocolate and roses on Valentine’s Day by including these flavours in your biscuits. Create heart-shaped shortbread biscuits using rosewater and cocoa powder and, once baked, finish them by covering with a generous amount of chocolate – guaranteed to be a hit with customers!

A helping hand
Dr. Oetker Professional has a wide range of baking products from coloured icing and gel food colours to cocoa powder and cooking chocolate. Chocolate is one of the most popular ingredients to use for Valentine’s Day and their Scotbloc is simple, fast and effective. Easy to melt, it’s suitable for all requirements, such as coating, drizzling, shaving and enrobing. The coating requires no tempering and can be used over a wide temperature range, making it practical and versatile for delivering a perfect finish.

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