Kraft Heinz Jan2020

Chestnuts Roasting the Festive Flavour

Not just a festive flavour, sweet chestnuts are a winter-long delight. Now is the perfect time to find them on the forest floor.

Sweet chestnut trees abound throughout the UK and the nuts start falling at the same time as the leaves. The best place to find these sweet and versatile little gems are parks and woodlands. Don’t confuse sweet chestnuts with horse chestnuts (conkers) as the latter are not edible and certainly won’t be as tasty as their sweeter namesake.

Forager’s tip:

To tell the difference between a horse chestnut (conker) and sweet chestnut, take a look at the spikes on the shell. A conker has short, stubby spikes, whereas the sweet chestnut has longer, hair-like spikes. Inside, horse chestnuts have one round nut while sweet chestnuts have several nuts, each with a flat side.

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