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Festive Heroes

Port, sherry and liqueurs come into their own towards the end of an evening, especially when food has been involved. There is real profit potential in having a small but select list to hand to customers as they are choosing their dessert or coffee selections. Here are the long established ‘Christmas Heroes’ without which any list would be incomplete, plus a couple of newer names you really should consider…

Glayva – Scotch whisky, almonds, tangerines, honey and spices combined to make “the best liqueur in the world” 35% ABV

Offley Ruby Porto – Fruity and light, this 19.5% ABV Port from the Douro region is full of flavour

Warninks Advocaat – The traditional Dutch blend of egg yolks, brandy, vanilla and sugar. Serve neat, over ice cream or with lemonade and a dash of lime juice as a Christmas Snowball

Baileys – The famous Irish Whiskey and cream based liqueur, now available in a wide variety of flavours. 17% ABV and a Christmas favourite

Harveys Bristol Cream – Sweet, rich and slightly spicy. The UK’s brand leading sherry. Enjoy chilled or nonchilled

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