Schwartz September 2019

Festive Sauces

Sauces at Christmas help add the finishing touch to a festive feast. Expectations are high as customers want something new, while also tasting the traditional homely flavours that they love and expect.

“Cooking a sauce from scratch can be a big time and cost pressure but striking a balance and having a ready-to-use base can ensure you don’t compromise on quality in a cost effective and time saving way,” says Mark Rigby, executive chef at Premier Foods. “Also, if you’re struggling with time pressures, stocks and gravies can be made well in advance and freeze well.”

Must-have sauces

• Spiced apple & cranberry chutney
• Bread sauce
• Apple sauce
• Cumberland sauce
• Cranberry sauce

Glorious gravy

From a rich turkey and chestnut gravy to a bold homemade one seasoned with plenty of garlic, pepper and onion salt, no festive feast is complete without it. For a really savoury gravy, try adding soy sauce and dried mushrooms, and for a gravy served with goose, a date, red wine and port gravy is perfect. Depending on the meat you serve it’s best to make a great base gravy first, which you can then tweak by adding meat juices or sauces, such as cranberry or horseradish, to suit your meat. Don’t forget to offer a vegetarian red wine gravy for those not eating meat.

View recipe: Spiced Apple & Cranberry Chutney

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