Kuehne June 2019

Fishy Business

Pacific West has launched two new products; Popcorn Shrimp and Modena Sole Fillets.

The Popcorn Shrimps are raw, peeled non-deveined prawns coated with traditional breadcrumbs. Ideal as a starter, bar snack, or appetiser at an event or party, this versatile product can be deep-fried, oven cooked or panfried – all from frozen. The Modena Sole Fillets are part of Pacific West’s ‘Sustainable Harvest’ range being MSC Certified. The Modena Sole is a prime fillet of sole infused with Balsamic vinegar with a cracked black pepper and sea salt coating. Halal certified, it is designed to provide ‘convenience without compromise’.

For more information visit : www.pacificwestfoods.co.uk

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