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Flavours of Autumn

As the season changes, so should your menu. Delicious, flavoursome and hearty food is the order of the day for autumn, and now is the time to start planning dishes for the season ahead. Take Stock looks at some autumn delights that your customers will love…

What’s in season

  • Game – this rich and flavoursome meat is rich and full of flavour so is ideal for roasts, pies and burgers.
  • Fruits – plums, damsons, blackberries, figs, apples and pears are all plentiful and good value for sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Vegetables – pumpkin, squash, cabbages and root vegetables are perfect for roasting or adding to fragrant soups.

What to serve

As the temperature drops your customers will be looking for comforting, heart-warming dishes.

Roast Dinners – the good old roast dinner never fails to draw in hungry customers. One of the most popular dishes in the UK, it is a guaranteed way to boost sales – and even works very well as a takeaway option. Make your roast special by putting a unique twist on it or offer a special gravy or sides. Offer a selection of meat alongside traditional options, a whole roast chicken for families to share, and remember to serve a gluten-free roast and a vegetarian one too.

Curry – as a nation of curry lovers this Indian cuisine will always have pride of place in the hearts of UK diners, especially in the cooler months. Classic dishes such as a korma or vindaloo remain popular but customers are now looking for unusual dishes as well as vegetarian and healthier options such as lamb & squash biryani, or spinach, sweet potato & lentil dhal. National Curry Week (7-13 October) is a great way to boost sales and gage interest by making curry a prominent daily dish on your menu, specials board or takeaway menu.

Game – healthy and versatile, British game is a tasty alternative to lamb, chicken, beef or pork and thanks to its robust flavours it stands up well to strong spices and herbs. Pigeon, rabbit and certain varieties of venison are available all year round, but it’s during open season when game comes into its own with copious amounts of pheasant, partridge and grouse on offer. Low in cholesterol and high in protein, game is generally free of steroids or antibiotics so is one of the healthiest meats available. Roasted guinea fowl, venison burger and pigeon fajitas are just some dish options to try.

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