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Flippin Easy

Pancake Day offers the opportunity to boost trade – and have some fun! Whether you serve a breakfast pancake topped with bacon and eggs or stick with traditional sugar and lemon, make sure you mix up your offering. A treat loved by young and old, serving pancakes will give you the opportunity to make additional profits.

Menu ideas
Be sweet – use buttermilk for American-style pancakes served with hot cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream
Stay savoury – stuff with seafood, barbecued smoked pulled meats or, for a vegetarian option, wild mushrooms and cheese, then bake
Best for breakfast – top with fruit, crème fraîche or yoghurt, or bacon and eggs with maple syrup

Top tips
Gary Durrant, head chef at the 5* boutique hotel The Arch London gives his tips for the best pancakes.
1. Mix it up – there are so many versions of pancakes that you don’t just have to stick with the traditional English pancake of sugar and lemon. Be experimental and try a Malaysian ‘Lempeng’ made with banana and coconut, a French crêpe or a fat Canadian pancake stack.
2. Fat matters – for English pancakes, make sure to use plenty of fat to get the batter nice and crispy. If you use oil, then it should be vegetable oil, or if using butter, then clarified works best.
3. Timing – pancakes should usually only take about 2-3 minutes to cook, but ignore the clock and check for bubbles on the top of the pancake – once you see them it is ready to flip! But don’t cook for longer than 2-3 minutes though, as the batter could dry out.
4. Get cheesy – pancakes go well with ham, cheese and bacon, but use different cheeses such as brie, ricotta, or blue cheese – they taste amazing melted inside a crispy pancake.
5. Hitting the pan – don’t just dollop the mixture in with any old kitchen utensil. Spoon the batter in using a large ladle in one go. As soon as the batter hits the pan, tip it around from side to side to get the base evenly coated with a nice thin layer of batter.

Ways to bring in more trade…

  • If you don’t have the kitchen facilities why not hire a pancake making van?
  • Make the occasion a week-long event and have a special pancake recipe for each day
  • Run a competition via social media for your customers favourite filling and make the winning one
  • Volunteer to host a local pancake race

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