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Flippin’ Some Profit

On February 28 frying pans in every kitchen will be flippin’ busy in celebration of Shrove Tuesday, or as it’s now better known, Pancake Day.

Whether you serve a high-energy fruit pancake for breakfast, a savoury one for lunch, or even a sweet one on your dinner specials board, the delicious batter-based treat is still as popular as ever and offers you a prime opportunity to sizzle some profits.

Batter some profits
Pancake Day offers an opportunity to boost trade – and have some fun! On the day make sure you are offering pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner – even if it’s just a one off. If you know a local pancake race is happening nearby then why not get involved? Offer to host drinks and pancakes for the night – make sure you shout about this in advance on your social media, website and in-house, and later post all the happenings of the event. Or, why not make the occasion a week-long event? Include a special pancake recipe for each day, an early-bird main meal and dessert deal or even run a competition via social media asking customers what their favourite filling is and make the winning one.

Be inspired
A pancake can be served any day of the year and at any time. Take inspiration from the menu at Chez Lindsay, in Richmond, where ‘galettes’ (buckwheat pancakes) are the speciality for this French bistro based in London. Cooked to order on a flat griddle, the nutty-tasting, organic buckwheat comes with every savoury filling you can think of – with the added bonus that it’s gluten free! Their Super Complète at £11.50 (egg, cheese, ham, onions, mushrooms, tomato) is perfect for brunch. Or for a starter or main course, choose from the varied fillings on offer that include everything from sliced king scallops and leeks to onions, slices of pork Andouillette sausage and mustard sauce!

Make it sweet!
• Classic lemon
• Pineapple & coconut
• Peanut butter
• Nutty caramel
• Banana and chocolate
Source: Lyle’s Golden Syrup®

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