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Blooming lovely – Flora Tea

With eatertainment set to make a big impact this year, Flora Tea’s products are sure to make a huge impression on your customers – and more importantly improve your bottom line.

The flowering profits of tea shouldn’t be underestimated as it accounts for seven out of 10 hot drinks consumed. And with only 46 per cent of tea drinkers consuming ‘normal’ tea out of home, it’s crucial that customers are offered something different.

These teas definitely fall into this category. Hand-crafted from flowers and teas, all flowering teas are hand-tied individual tea leaves (green tea) with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea ball or heart. Once placed in boiling water the ball reveals its secret centre, blooming into an artistic and captivating flower display with an enriching taste.

With ten premier flowering teas, your customers can choose from a number of options, which will certainly impress. With awards under their belt, the product won best new products award 2011 and The Great Taste Three Gold Stars Award 2011, these teas are available to both consumers and wholesalers.

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