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Food for thought: what a year!

We’re almost ready to say farewell to 2013 but let’s have a quick industry recap first.

The low point of the year was definitely the food chain scandal when meat hit the headlines in the worst possible way and what was in everyone’s food came under the microscope – literally. High points were a better than average summer, a royal baby and a gradually improving economy that has seen people beginning to spend again in restaurants, cafes and bars around the country.

For Take Stock, the  highlight of our year has been the growing number of chefs who’ve become our loyal Twitter followers – and the inspiration and ideas they’ve given us.

In reward, we’re giving them the final Food for Thought  to blow off some steam and tell us what really got their goat in 2013. If their rant is aimed at you, then you know what your New Year’s Resolution will have to be!

Roll on 2014!

Betty ‏@elisabethliskus Leaving spoons in tubs then putting them back in the fridge!

ChefSam ‏@chefsam88 Waiting staff asking is table # ready yet? After I sent order through 5mins previously!

James ‏@Chef_Captain When someones ‘Gluten Free’ but can handle that little bit of gluten in the dish…GF Bread though!

Jorge Guzman ‏@SoleraChef: MEP all over your station after dinner rush, plastic wrap all over containers etc…

Brent Goodell ‏@bgoodellYNP When someone turns off your oven timer and says NOTHING!

Ross Carlin ‏@familyguy2007 Uniforms not ironed and filthy dirty shoes.

Harrison Cheney ‏@Harrisoncheney When people put whole blocks of butter in tubs on their section instead of dicing it..

Harrison Cheney ‏@Harrisoncheney Chefs having their top buttons undone, aprons around their waists!

Jonny Mills ‏@jonnyhmills Dirty spoon water for service! If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t put your spoons in it #KitchenPetHate

jon-robert fell ‏@jonfellchef Suppliers who say ‘it’s because of the weather’. No! It’s because it’s bank holiday weekend!

Ryan Hunter ‏@Rhunter1202 #kitchenpethate Coming in from your day off to find nothing covered in the fridge and a huge prep list for no reason!

Lucy Thompson ‏@pastrychefLucyT22 May @TakeStockMag People that open new containers before finishing the old one up! #KitchenPetHate

Steve Barringer ‏@SteveChefB When waiting staff ask what’s that on the dish? When it’s been on the menu 5 months #KitchenPetHate

Liam Liskus ‏@LiamLiskus When a chef says, “I know it’s not right but will it be ok?” #KitchenPetHate

dan catford ‏@danchef No clean tea towels and aprons for the morning !

jon-robert fell ‏@jonfellchef FOH describing your pheasant dish as “well it’s kinda like chicken” !!!!!

Michael Cotter ‏@MichaelCotter9 Is everyone ready for service! Resounding yes from everyone. What you making, chef? More croutes, chef. Thought you were ready!

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