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Game Changers

Game Changers

Britain’s pubs and clubs have long been synonymous with games like darts, dominoes and skittles. However, an increasing number of outlets have turned to technology to provide entertainment to customers of every age group to help fill their venue.

What’s available?
Electronic systems are available from numerous companies that allow operators to run a whole range of activities, including:
• Bingo
• Quiz nights
• Karaoke
• Race nights
• Raffles
• Higher/Lower
• Open the Box
• Casino nights

How does it work?
A console behind the bar is linked to the outlet’s sound system and TVs, meaning that events can be run without the need to bring in additional equipment and third party operators – an immediate cost saving. The console is typically part of a rental package that includes technical support and regular online updates, so things like quiz questions remain topical. Depending upon the deal, consumables like bingo and quiz cards are provided, and with systems like the Redtooth Keypad Quiz, hand-held keypads allow up to 20 teams to compete against each other.

The cost
Systems are available on subscription and providers are able to customise what’s available. So, for instance, if you’ve got a multi-national clientele, your karaoke can feature songs in a variety of languages from Arabic to Zulu.

Bring in the trade
Food & drink
People are increasingly looking for venues where they can eat, drink and be entertained. Capitalise on this by offering sharing buckets and pitchers – perhaps offer 2FOR1 on quieter nights. Have fun, quirky names for cocktails to inspire customers to order them, such as ‘Legs Eleven’ for your bingo night or ‘Dancing Queen’ that would work for karaoke nights. Since people won’t want to leave the action, make food accessible and easy to eat. Meals in baskets, pizzas in boxes and popcorn cones are easy to serve, consume and tidy up! Have special offers on food and drink pairings – a bottle of wine and basket style meals for two for £10 or have ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and offer a discount on specific drinks.

Advertise the fun
Use social media and POS to publicise your event – and to profile each evening’s winners or star turns. They’re sure to share with their friends, guaranteeing extra publicity. Encourage people to come back by introducing incentives such as prize roll-overs, a free drink for the person generating the most likes, surprise raffles and ‘Boozy Bonus’ quiz questions for regular attendees.

Team games
Run regular events where teams can compete against each other and friends can meet and enjoy the competition. Make it easy for newcomers to join in by having a table or two where strangers can meet and compete.

Know your audience
Make sure every event is accessible to the range of your customers; appropriate age-range of karaoke songs, topical and local quiz questions or easy to understand games. Above all else, make it fun!

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