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Get a Theme!

Theme nights are a great way to bring in custom and drive sales at your outlet. This issue, we bring you ideas to host a World Cup party and a 4th July evening.

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Football is a huge passion point for us Brits and the FIFA World Cup (14 June – 15 July) is the biggest event of them all!

Why it works

The tournament has a universal appeal. Whether or not you are a football fan, the global event has the magic to engage people of all ages and bring them together. It is also a routine breaker that changes the flow of the week and months, so together they both present an opportunity for outlets of all sizes to really increase their revenue over the four weeks.

What to do

Show the matches continually or select one or two countries to support and broadcast their games. Alternatively, choose key moments such as the opening weekend – this will also incorporate Father’s Day – the quarter final weekend and, of course, the final. Speak to your supplier about POS materials to help drive footfall through activation and promotion; including prize draws and bucket deals, and decorate your premises with flags, bunting and posters.

What to serve

Eating habits may alter due to the times of the matches: 11am, 3pm and 4pm. Run your normal menu all day or have an additional one to cater for the extra custom during the unconventional eating times. This is also a prime opportunity to expand your breakfast and brunch offering, or begin serving them if you don’t already. Sharing platters are also a great idea.

What to pour

As 60% of all matches will be played before 7pm, think about your soft drinks offer. A range of premium soft drinks will make the perfect alternative to alcohol for those adults who are driving or have to return to work. The matches will also attract children and teens as well as those who don’t drink alcohol so make sure you have a wide selection, plus a range of premium water – still, fizzy and flavoured – to cater to the demand. Stock up on low and non alcoholic beers and ciders too. And why not add a Russian cocktail to your drinks menu? See our Mixologist feature for ideas.

The American Dream

American-style food is really popular, so why not make a full night of it and hold an event to celebrate Independence Day?

When to host

The American holiday lands on a Wednesday this year, so that gives operators the opportunity to boost a midweek night or hold it the following weekend.

What to serve

• Buffalo wings – as a starter, main or part of a sharing platter, they are quick, easy and high margin. Deep fry trimmed chicken wings until crisp, then smother in sharp and slightly spicy medium buffalo sauce. Serve with celery sticks, with extra sauce and a pot of blue cheese dressing for dipping.

• Pulled pork, shredded chicken and slow cooked brisket – are staples of US cuisine. Serve in a brioche or bun with slaw and chips on the side for the lunchtime menu, or use as a burger

american dream hot dog - Take Stock magazine

• Pastrami bagel – great lunchtime option, serve a generous portion of hot or cold pastrami with sliced pickles, Swiss cheese and a dollop of mustard. Swap the mustard for South Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce to put a contemporary twist on this New York classic.

• Buttermilk dressing – slather over fried chicken, or toss with king prawns and team with a steak as part of a surf and turf. Alternatively, use over a salad.

• Hot dog – the ultimate classic, serve in a soft, white sub roll with tomato ketchup and sweet American mustard zig-zagged over the top for the iconic look. Accompany with curly fries and crisp salad.

• Pizza – a classic choice, so why not add a twist to this and use as a dessert, rather than a savoury option? Toppings such as chocolate, summer fruits, salted caramel, ice cream or pistachios drizzled with dark chocolate can work – the possibilities are endless. Perfect as a sharing dessert too.

• Pancakes – American pancakes are a versatile, crowd-pleasing dish that works for everyone! To bring an extra taste of the US to the dish, include flavours of apple pie. Mix apple sauce into the batter mix before cooking, then serve with extra sauce, vanilla ice cream and a generous dusting of cinnamon on top.


Stock up on these American beers…

Blue Moon – 5.4% ABV (White) 355ml

Cloudy, smooth and mellow, a very high quality wheat beer. Drinkers will appreciate its roundness and delicacy that makes it an outstanding wheat beer.

Goose Island – IPA 5.9% ABV (Bourbon) 355ml

This beer recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct taste. The result is a hop lovers dream with fruity aroma set off by a dry malt middle and long hop finish.

Brooklyn Lager – 5.2% ABV (Amber Gold) 330ml

Amber gold in colour: a firm malt richness supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma, complemented by a relaxing hint of caramel.

Samuel Adams – 4.9% ABV (Deep Amber) 330ml

Brewed with only the finest ingredients including Bavarian noble hops and traditional brewing method, this Samuel Adams Boston lager is full flavoured and balanced. The balance of malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and followed by the robust, smooth finish sets the standards for all Samuel Adams Beers.

Sierra Navada bottled American craft pale ale - Take Stock magazineSierra Nevada – 5.6% ABV (Golden) 350ml

This has generous quantities of premium cascade hops incorporated in a fragrant bouquet and spicy flavour with unique piney and grapefruit aromas.

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