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Get Christmas Ready

Christmas is the busiest time of year for operators, so it’s important that every aspect of your establishment is ready for the extra customers the festive period brings.

To make the most of the busiest time of the year, prepare by spending time briefing staff and getting your premises up to standard before the festive revellers arrive.

First impressions…

Make sure your customers are wowed from the moment they step through the door – or even before! Your premises should be cleaned inside and out – everything from curtains and carpets to barware and cutlery should be spotless.

Keep it going

Once you’ve made a perfect first impression on your customer – keep it up! Make sure each new customer is greeted with a clean fresh table or bar and that the floor around where they’ll be sitting or standing is clean and tidy.

Top toilets

According to research by YouGov 97% of customers would not return to a restaurant if its bathrooms had poor hygiene levels which shows how critical it is to keep toilets clean and tidy. It is also worth changing the hand towel between sittings, making sure there is always plenty of toilet roll and that the soap dispenser is topped up.

Little extras

Make your establishment stand out with the little extra touches your guests will remember. Festive flowers warm the place up and nice toiletries in the bathroom can make all the difference. Hand out selection boxes or activity books and crayons to children who visit.

Looking after your customers

No matter how busy it gets over the Christmas period, there are some things you must get right. Make sure you and your team are looking after customers at all times. This includes:

• Greeting every customer with a warm welcome.
• Ask for feedback on your customers’ meals – once while they’re eating and again while clearing away plates.
• Tidy away empty plates and glasses.
• Make sure menus and specials boards are kept up to date.
• If someone asks for tap water, make sure they get it promptly.
• Make sure customers have cutlery by the time their meal is served.
• Check there is salt and pepper on every table.
• Plan to make sure you don’t run out of any staples from fruit juice to ice cream.

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