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Get in the Mood

Valentine’s Day is the first major event of the new year that gives you the opportunity to boost sales and reap some well-deserved profits.

Fun-filled weekend

The annual day of romance falls on a Sunday this year so you have an entire weekend to capitalise on the event.  While many customers will prefer to celebrate Saturday evening, those who are concerned about work on a Monday morning or finding a babysitter may be interested in a Valentine’s eve menu on Saturday. Or start the weekend off with a bang and offer a pre-event menu! A romantic Sunday brunch or lunch is another option, complete with some fizz to make it extra special and memorable so the customers are likely to return.

An extra touch

A single red rose or glass of bubbly waiting on the customer’s table as they arrive, or a few heart-shaped complimentary chocolates with coffee before they leave are simple, yet thoughtful gestures. An extra touch here and there will leave a lasting impression on the customer long after romance has drifted from the air and you’ll recoup the costs from a repeat visit.

Get advertising

Whether you’re a successful restaurant having a weekend menu or a local café sprinkling some romance on to your  Saturday lunchtime specials, promoting what you are doing for Valentine’s Day  is as important as getting your other half  a card! Whatever deals you offer or food  you serve, let the public know. Shout  about it on social media, go old school with posters in your property (this should attract the interest of regulars and locals) and in the run-up get staff to remind  customers of the special day.

Ready to mingle

It’s not just couples who want to enjoy the love-fuelled date. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 33.9% of people aged over 16 in England and Wales are single (never married). So if you are a bar, pub or nightclub, chances are you are going to have an abundance of single men and women out on the town! Play Cupid with novelty cocktails, 2-4-1 drinks or quirky promotions.

Dreamy desserts

Make your dessert choice as appealing  as the customer’s date, so despite how  full they are, they’ll still want to indulge.  It’s a great opportunity to up-sell profitable desserts as customers are prepared to pay that little bit more for their special someone. But keep it simple and offer desserts with a wide appeal. Shared desserts are a novelty for the night, so more likely to be chosen. Update individual desserts to a more romantic sharing format or have something different like a chocolate fondue – fun and flirty!

Here are five romantic recipes which we’ve paired with the perfect wine.

Poached Jersey Oysters, Roast Fillet of Beef & Braised Ox Cheek Ravioli, Cornish Monkfish, Rhubarb & Custard Dessert with Strawberry & Champagne Soup, and Coffee Éclairs

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