Schwartz September 2019
Get photo smart

Get Photo Smart

A dish is no longer something that is enjoyed by the customer alone. Thanks to social media many more pairs of eyes are feasting on the visual delights of a dish making it even more crucial that your dishes look as appealing in photos as they do in real life.

To help you get the best angle – and come up with a winning shot for #FeedYourEyes – we asked photographer Kat Weatherill to give us a few professional tips.

1. Shoot in natural light
A table near a window is a great spot. The food will look its best with the light coming on to the dish from the side, not from behind. This helps to create natural shadows and give depth to the dish. Artificial light, camera flash and spot lights can be too harsh and wash the colour out of the ingredients, creating glare or reflections on the plate.

2. Props and styling
You usually serve food to a customer on a table that is dressed well. Presenting your food in a pix needs the same amount of attention. The right prop, such as a glass of wine, cutlery or a nice roaring fire can add ambience and creativity to the shot.

3. Angle the shot
Take the pix at eye level or slightly above the plate. A bird’s eye view of a dish taken directly from above can look flat and you’ll lose the height and structure of the dish.

4. Shots to avoid
Good props make a shot, but bad props can kill it. Don’t be too wacky and make sure there are no unwanted, extra features such as people or rusty radiators!

5. Get prepared
Food looks at its best immediately after it’s cooked so make sure you’ve prepped your location and have props in place prior to cooking. Be a pro and take a test shot minus the food.

6. Picture perfect
If you want to edit, crop or improve your image, consider using a picture editing app.

Feed Your Eyes

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