Kuehne June 2019

Get a ‘pizza’ the action

Pizza is one of the simplest yet most popular foods on the market. Thin and crispy or on a baguette-base, the cheesy feast is loved by young and old and always pleases customers. And with frozen pizza offering quality, variety, easy serving and no waste, it’s an option for every establishment and a profitable choice.

A booming market

With sales hitting £2 billion a year in the UK, pizza is big business. A broad appeal means it satisfies the appetite cravings of families, couples, singles and groups. At the lower end of the market, pizza fills the need for cheap, value-for-money food but it also has a place at the top end with more sophisticated bases
and toppings enabling higher prices to be charged.

High mark-ups

A recent exposé of the pizza industry revealed just how much profit firms were making on pizzas. One high street chain was found to be marking up the most basic of pizzas, the cheese and tomato margherita, by 900%. The cost to make one pizza was £1.49 but the firm charged customers £12.49.

Kiddy friendly

A well-fed child is a happy one – and pizza is perfect for tiny tummies. Freiberger, one of Europe’s leading frozen pizza manufacturers, has created a pizza ‘by children for children’. Developed in conjunction with the UNESCO Education for Children In Need foundation and children from different nations, the pizza has a light, soft and slightly crispy dough topped with fruity-sweet tomato sauce and
tasty mozzarella and mildly seasoned – just the way kids love it.

Flippin’ easy

A simple, easy-to-store and cook – yet delicious – food, pizzas are an ideal menu choice. Served as a snacky slice or a full pizza, they satisfy fussy kids, can fill a hunger gap for drinkers or fill the rumbliest tummy for lunch or dinner. “Pizzas are a really simple and a profitable solution – straight from the freezer, to the oven, to the customer,” says Alan Todd, catering development manager at Punch
Taverns. Its Alberto Stone-Baked Pizza with extra-thin base and a crispy edge is cooked and ready to eat in just eight minutes.

Top benefits

  •  Frozen pizzas have a longer shelf life than fresh as they can be kept in the freezer for months, allowing for greater flexibility
  • With toppings ranging from pepperoni, chicken curry, ham and pineapple, veggie and the good old margherita – all tastes and cuisines are covered
  • The range of bases, thin crust, baguette, deep pan, satisfy all customers from those on a diet to those who want to pig out!
  • Frozen pizzas are ‘flash frozen’ so you can be assured that the toppings have the same nutrients and taste as their fresh counterparts. Flash freezing locks in all the goodness of the fresh product
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