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Get Ready to Party!

Whether you are holding a party for the office or for the children, or hiring a festive band to bring in more revenue, serving party food is quick, easy and tasty, and allows you to drive sales and footfall.

A winning guide
Premier Foods Christmas Party Guide is focused on inspiring recipes of festive favourites with a modern twist. The recipes, developed by their executive chef Mark Rigby, have been created to make use of products and ingredients that chefs already have in their kitchen at Christmas; making the most out of products you will already have bought. Dishes include mini Yorkshire puddings, turkey and cheese croquettes and mini pizza – perfect for adults and kids. Visit to download the guide – view the recipes Mini Yorkshire Puddings, Italian Skewers and Trifle Shots.

A pleasing platter
Sharing food works for everyone, so is perfect for any type of party. Platters and boards not only let you experiment with different sizes (according to your party) but allow you to base your dishes on your clientele. Foods such as BBQ pulled pork, spicy chicken wings and beef nachos are on-trend and popular. Single board options include chips: sweet potato fries, chunky chips and cheesy fries are always a winning formula to please all ages, or why not put a local spin on your dishes by using regional ingredients? Antipasti platters featuring mozzarella balls, prosciutto, salami, artichokes, stuffed peppers and olives are simple to prepare, taste delicious and look stunning.

Fancy a nibble?
Finger food and dips are perfect for this time of year. Go old school and serve cheese and pineapple on sticks or for a more modern version wrap roasted red peppers around pieces of mozzarella,  secure with a cocktail stick, then place on a baking tray and cook under a hot grill until the cheese melts. Spice up your dip offering by puréeing a jar of drained peppers and mix with cream cheese and a dash of hot chilli sauce – perfect as a veggie dip.

A rising trend
Customers are being more adventurous with their bread choice leading to continental and ethnic breads becoming popular. As an alternative to garlic or cheesy garlic bread, try flavouring flatbreads or baguettes with a crunchy, cheesy topping. And for the more daring, why not try artichoke and mozzarella? Delicious, but mild enough to appeal to children as well as adults, they can be made into smaller tapas portions using crispbreads or pitta and cut into bite size portions.

“The best desserts to serve at a buffet scenario are individual, but nothing too complicated,” said Helen Vass, pastry chef consultant. “Desserts in glasses that only need the final touches added before service, individual tarts, entremets work well, and ones whose flavours pack a punch are all perfect!”

Top tips
• The perfect number of dishes on a buffet would be around 9 – 6 savoury & 3 sweet
• If serving canapés, there should be around 9 – 6 savoury & 3 sweet
Source: Premier Foods


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