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Get The Message Across

Around 60% of customers are undecided as to what they want to order when they walk into a pub or bar. It is for that reason that suppliers make available Point of Sale Material (POS), either for free, or at special rates. Here is Take Stock’s guide to
getting the best from POS.

Put POS where it will be seen

  • At the bar, most attention is restricted to around one metre either side of the till, so POS at eye or waist level works best.
    • If you have a longer bar, repeat your POS display at key focal points, as people tend to register three metres at a time. They naturally look to the right first too.
    • On the back bar use special displays – especially if you’ve got an event or new product that you’re promoting.
    • Use A-frames, chalkboards and posters around and outside your outlet to promote products, special offers or events.
    • On the bar, branded drip trays, beer towels and ice buckets are great for promoting your products. At the table, use wine lists, wobblers, tent cards and beer mats to generate awareness.
  •  Wipeable posters above gents’ urinals are brilliant for promoting your events, special promotions and occasions.
    • Don’t forget your menus! Make sure you’ve got drinks suggestions alongside your dishes…and food and snack offers on drinks lists.
    • Keep your POS up to date and get rid of old, dirty or damaged material.

Outdoor POS - draw in customersEducational Bar runners - new serves

Get your snacks out front

Brands like Walkers, KP and Tayto have a solution for every outlet, allowing you to maximise visibility and sales. They’ll help you decide upon the right range and produce display units, tent cards, beer mats, posters, and blackboards, so you can show what’s available behind your bar and any special deals you’re running.

Cocktails & mocktails

People love cocktails, be they alcoholic or not. Grab customer attention right from the outset with a blackboard of suggested cocktails – eight is more than enough for starters – reinforced by on-bar and on-table cocktail lists. Don’t forget to promote your deals and ‘Happy Hour’ events too.

Children’s deals

If the kids are happy, parents will be too. Reinforce your businesses child friendly credentials with POS that includes soft drink and mocktail suggestions, plus deals on drink and snacks combos.It’s great to have a bespoke children’s blackboard with these deals on too – just make sure it’s low enough to be read by your smaller customers!

Talk to your wholesaler

They’ll be happy to give you ideas, tell you what POS material is available and put you in contact with the right people.

POS occasions

Sporting events like rugby and EURO 2016 are perfect for running promotions on food and drink – but people won’t come if they don’t know what you’re offering. POS inside and out will get the message across. Special days like St Patrick’s Day and Father’s Day need celebrating. Use POS well in advance to promote on-the-day deals on your premium spirits range, wines and beers. Food deals too!

New product launches

The level of brand support for new products has never been higher. And it’s not just POS. Brands are also helping with suggested serves, food pairings, pub game ideas and give aways. So, talk to your supplier!


Make the drink you’re serving look appealing by using the right glass – there’s a wide range of branded glasses available so no-one is in doubt as to what’s being drunk. Specialist supplier allows you to mail order a wide range of glassware, barware, branded clothing and outdoor equipment, from over 50 beer, wine and spirits brands.


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