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get on top of your grease

Get on Top of your Grease

Managing your grease and oil is really important if you are in the hospitality and catering industry. Experts are warning operators to make sure that their disposal and cleaning standards of FOG (fats, oils and grease) meet the legal requirements.

doos and don't of maintaining fryers

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Clear drains
The industry had a wake-up call recently when a landmark case saw Café Saffron in Codsall prosecuted for more than £5,000 for pouring cooking fat down the drain which then blocked the sewers and led to nearby businesses being unable to flush their toilets.

Under section 111 of the Water Industry Act, it is an offence to discharge anything into the sewer that may interfere with the free flow. The recent prosecution, brought about by Severn Trent, is only the second example of such a case being brought in the UK.

Follow these simple rules to make sure your business is following the rules…

Ventilation systems
In 2015, legislation was passed that compelled catering businesses to keep their ventilation and duct systems clean, to standards set out in HVCA TR19. Failure to do so creates an environment for bacteria and cockroaches to breed. It also leaves you vulnerable to an uninsured fire risk. To avoid this:

• Familiarise yourself with TR19 standards.
• Clean and maintain filters to manufacturer recommended standards.
• For anything but simple and easily assessable extraction systems, use professionals who are trained and accredited to HVCA/BESCA standards.
• Have your extraction systems regularly inspected and cleaned to professional standards.

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