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Getting Saucey!

Everything creates an impression and that includes the sauces and condiments you offer front of house – and more importantly how you present them. Branded or not, individual portions or dispensers, there’s a choice for every type of establishment and budget.

Offering top quality branded condiments – ketchups, mayonnaise, mustards and vinegars for example – is an easy way to improve customer perceptions of your service and your product. Research has shown that customers associate quality brands front of house with quality products in the kitchen.

However, some operators feel they cannot justify the expense of a ‘give away’ and use unbranded products. Research by Heinz has shown that consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a branded sauce they know and trust.

One way to keep costs under control is to offer sauces in the most suitable format. Unbranded sauces can still demonstrate sophistication depending on the choice of dispenser – as long as it is easy to use, always clean and filled.

For individual portions, sachets remain a favourite but many brands have a range of serving options such as dip pots – see below.

83% of consumers trust the Heinz brand and associate it with quality

Here are the most common:

FORMAT                                                                                 BEST FOR

Tabletop                                                                                  All outlets. Use a caddy to keep table tops tidy and easy to clean.

Squeezable portions                                                             Help monitor portion control. Easy to use and mess free they enable you to turn a cost into a profit as customers are willing to pay up to 35p                                                                                                       for a single SqueezMe! pod, according to research by Heinz.

Dip Pots                                                                                  Takeaway because they are convenient, easy to use and available in many varieties.

Sachets                                                                                    In-house when table space is limited, or takeaway. Hygienic and easy to serve they allow portion control and help reduce waste.

Mini Jars                                                                                A premium format. Not only do they look good there is little mess to clean up after use.

Dispensers                                                                             Perfect for high volume operations as they allow quick self service and demonstrate quality.


So, take your choice and reap the benefits of a quality sauce offering.

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