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Give Him Whisky...

Give Him Whisky for Peat’s Sake!

Father’s Day on 18 June is now one of the on trade’s busiest events. And as the event is all about raising a toast to dad then what better way than with a whisky! Straight, mixed or as a cocktail most dads like a drop or two of the ‘water of life’. Take Stock spoke to Aly Mathers, World Whisky Day 2017 Ambassador to get his advice on what to offer on the special day…

What to serve?Makers Mark

Bourbon: Maker’s Mark
This Kentucky Straight Bourbon stands out against other American offerings you can find on the shelf for being reliably soft, sweet and enjoyable. Maker’s Mark should be enjoyed on its own or in a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. It’s easydrinking style and full flavours make this the perfect drop for any dad who enjoys all things stateside.

Irish: Bushmills 10-year-oldBush Mills 10 y/o
Ireland’s first official distillery produces triple-distilled malt whiskies, meaning they are a little lighter in style than their Scottish counterparts. This 10-year-old malt from the country’s most picturesque distillery is matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks, giving a complex and layered flavour. Imagine floral honey, milk chocolate and green apples joined by warm gingerbread for extra spice and depth.

Blended Scotch: Johnnie Walker Double BlackJonny Walker - Double Black

As a blended whisky its style is both rounded and smooth, but the flavour here is bolder than the standard Black Label due to having a higher percentage of Islay malts in its profile. Don’t be put off by the smoke though, as those malts have seen the inside of heavily charred oak casks, meaning there’s a deep sweetness here too. Think sweet, sticky barbecue sauce and you’re on the right track.

Unpeated single malt Scotch: Tamdhu 10Tamdhu 10
An excellent choice for someone who likes a robust, sherrymatured Speyside malt. What Tamdhu has done incredibly well here is balance flavour and style in equal measure. Dried apricot and raisins with fresh vanilla cream combine in the mouth with cinnamon, nutmeg and sticky toffee pudding, creating a very satisfying dram. Plus, the bottle will look great on your shelf.

Peated single malt Scotch: Laphroaig 10Laphroaig 10
I’ve always had a soft spot for this peat monster from the west. In my experience, anyone who enjoys strong flavours in food will also enjoy a classic Islay malt. With this dram you’re hit with briny seawater, savoury coastal notes and wet, claggy, medicinal peat. At the same time, I’ve always found a huge amount of sweetness in Laphroaig too, coming from the American oak casks in which the spirit is matured.

Japanese: Hibiki Japanese HarmonyHibiki - Japanese Harmony
There has been an influx of Japanese whisky to our shores which are definitely worth exploring. This is probably the softest whisky on the list, making it the perfect all-rounder. For the novice, it’s fresh and easy going, while for the aficionado it’s a deeply layered, elegant offering. Flavours include fresh pear, orange blossom and vanilla with a long and flowing finish.

MixersWorld Whisky Day
To mix or not to mix? That may be the question, but there is no right or wrong answer. Whisky needn’t be approached with a precious attitude – there’s any number of potential long drinks to suit dad’s taste. Try any of the following:
• Soda water
• Coca-Cola
• Ginger ale
• Tonic water

World Whisky Day
The global event on Saturday 20 May invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life across the world. It recognises all types of whisk(e)y and encourages everyone to join in the celebration of this incredible spirit.
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Food pairings
Whisky does great when paired with food. It’s all about looking for comparing and contrasting flavours. Don’t just look at the obvious flavours though – think outside the box!

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