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Gluten-free cakes

This year, award-winning The Handmade Cake Company is celebrating both its 30th birthday and the introduction of its first gluten-free cakes.

The independent bakery company from Berkshire has launched four new gluten-free flavours which include Caramel Heaven, Chocolate Brownie, Katie’s Fruity Cereal Bar and, Raspberry and Almond Slice. The cakes are part of the packaged cakes, slices and bars range which have become extremely popular.

Baked separately in a gluten free section of the bakery, there can be no question of contamination or reliability. Regardless of this fact, the taste of the cakes is not compromised.

The cakes have no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours and no genetically-modified ingredients or hydrogenated fats. The are UK tested and approved for vegetarians and sufferers of Coeliac disease. They have a shelf life of 21 days and can be stored frozen up to 12 months.

For more information visit: or speak to Dennis Edwards

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