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Going Gluten Free

Whether it’s a lifestyle choice or severe intolerance, the trend to choose gluten-free products is becoming more popular

According to Mintel, the UK’s gluten-free market is valued at £160 million and the Food Standards Agency says this is growing by 15% each year. So if your business isn’t gluten-free friendly, it needs to be.

Meeting demand

With 1 in 20 Brits suffering from the disease, Charity Coeliac UK believes the demand for gluten-free products is not being met.They launched an accreditation scheme a year ago to cater for the growing number of people requiring a gluten-free diet. It offers online and face-to-face training for kitchen and front of house staff on how to prepare, deliver and advise on gluten-free food.

Prepping right

Risk of contamination is high, so:

  • wash down surfaces and utensils before preparing gluten-free dishes
  • cook gluten-free in separate dishes or baking trays
  • use clean oil for frying
  • use separate utensils
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