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Rolls are Top Dog! New gourmet hot-dogs

Kara has launched a gourmet hot-dog rolls range…

to satisfy demand for the nation’s fastest growing menu item in the casual dining sector.They include glazed and glazed poppy seed, are designed to help caterers in the fast casual market significantly improve their hot-dog offer.

Natasha Quinn, marketing manager, said:

“How Kara has approached gourmet hot-dog rolls is to look at the way that the market is developing through American influences and an increase in restaurants which are positioning hot-dogs as a premium menu item, and create the perfect, brioche-style carrier.”

Kara, the foodservice bakery brand of Fletchers Group of Bakeries, has focused on a brioche style bun range that offers a lighter and sweeter eat with the glaze taking it into the premium category. The rolls are unsliced, contain no preservatives, flavourings or hydrogenated fats and are frozen at the point of perfection to lock in the flavour.

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