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Grow your Business

With operators constantly looking for ways to increase their margins, drive footfall and encourage customers to return, we asked Nestlé Professional to provide tips and advice to help you grow your business even more successfully…

Quality is key
Food quality is the number one consumer factor when deciding where to dine*. Considering challenges faced by operators; whether it is the cost of ingredients or skills (lack of and cost) in the kitchen, it isn’t always easy to deliver delicious food consistently in this highly competitive industry. Take advantage of manufacturers like Nestlé Professional who create solutions such as CHEF® All Natural stocks that help chefs consistently achieve good quality food, without taking away their creativity.

Create an occasion
The MCA-Restaurant Market 2017 reports that special occasions drive the highest average spend per head. People enjoy celebrating occasions so create events or help them make their own, special. For example, have special offers for people celebrating wedding anniversaries or birthdays – such as a free glass of bubbly or dessert. Encourage customers to tell you this on booking by advertising it on social media and websites. Run parties or special offers during national and regular events such as the Royal wedding, Wimbledon and Halloween. Visit takestockmagazine.com for ideas.

Offers to drive traffic
With special offers such as Happy Hour, 2FOR1 or Early Bird, operators can drive footfall during quiet periods. Another idea is to adapt menu prices to demand in the same way that other industries do. For example, hotels and trains charge customers different prices depending on the time of day, month or year. Bob Bob Ricard’s restaurant in London has introduced an off peak menu which is about 25% below regular pricing. This is helping to increase revenue and spread demand throughout the day as well as attracting new customers.

Special diets
Special dietary requirements have never been so numerous or demanding so it’s a good idea to have at least one menu choice per requirement. When people go out in groups they will try to find a place that will cater to everyone’s needs. With 28%* of consumers adopting a mainly meat free flexitarian diet and 13% following a gluten-free diet, there is likely to be at least one person with a special diet in every group.

Premiumise & add value
On trend ingredients such as black garlic, smoked and roasted flavours, yuzu and wasabi, raw cocoa and coconut can easily be added to menu items. For example, black garlic or lobster mayonnaise to spread in a burger bun or served as a side, yuzu, wasabi or sesame seeds with fish, or flavoured butters served with good bread. These are all ingredients that can help your menu stand out without requiring additional kitchen skills, enabling operators to charge a premium price and increase margins.

Re-engineer your menu - Take Stock magazine

Menu format and pricing is important, influencing choice and helping to upsell sides, drinks and premium, higher margin dishes. Consider:

• Adding upselling options to dishes such as exotic dressings or on-trend ingredients so you can charge a premium price.
• Creating a specials box or page on your menu to upsell high-margin dishes or highlight provenance such as local meat or seasonal fare.
• Rewriting your menu to use appealing and descriptive language – terms such as ‘delicately aged’, ‘meaty’, or ‘tender’ confer quality and added value you can charge more for.
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Sources: MCA-Restaurant market report 2017, (MCA-Menu and Food trend debrief April 2017). Mintel data cited in The Caterer Magazine February 2018 and Mintel data cited by Coeliac UK, 2016

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