Kenco Cappuccino 10/19

A Vibrant Twist

Heineken is meeting the growing demand for more premium drinks and spirit beers (speers)…

With the launch of Desperados Verde – a premium lager flavoured with tequila and a big twist of mint and lime. The drink, with its lighter, sweeter taste, has been developed to appeal to young drinkers, both male and female. Lawson Mountstevens, managing directoron trade, Heineken says, ‚ÄúDesperados Verde has been launched to keep pace with the expectations of young adult drinkers, offering them a sweeter taste and helping them create the desired impression at social occasions. We are confident that the new flavour will help the brand stay fresh and relevant to its growing army of loyal consumers, while actively recruiting more new drinkers to the Beer category.” It is available in 330ml bottles.

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