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Hensons Foodservice Unveils Salt Beef Sausage

Hensons Foodservice has launched a new and exciting product to satisfy demand for high quality, easy to prepare dishes.

The London-based catering butcher has incorporated its most popular product – its own salt beef – into a gourmet sausage.

Made with farm-assured salt beef and uncured beef, it has a very high meat content – 83 per cent – and a fat content of only 15 per cent. The sausage comes as a 6oz Cumberland-style ring as well as traditional linked 4s, 6s and 8s. Andrew Brook, Managing Director of Hensons, which is based around the corner from London’s famous Smithfield meat market, comments: “The salt beef sausage was born from a need for new and interesting, high-end products. Street food and pop up stalls have become increasingly popular over the past few years as people look for quality food on the go. Our aim is to introduce the sausage, a totally unique product, which incorporates traditional British fare, to this
new and emerging market.

“Salt beef and other popular British dishes are making a comeback as the country looks back to its food heritage. The salt beef sausage incorporates all of this history into a new form giving our customers the edge in the world of gourmet food on the go.

“We believe that our sausage satisfies the demand in the market, as it is easily prepared and tastes great with dill pickles and mustard in a hot-dog roll or burger bun. The combination of sharp and sweet flavours complement the meaty taste and firm texture.” The 6oz rings come in packs of 8 and the links are in 1.5kg packs.

For further information and to order, telephone Hensons on 020 7609 2299 or email

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