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It’s in the mix

We know about hybrid cars, we’ve heard mashups, we’ve even seen a liger.  Well now is the time of hybrid desserts.

As the ‘cronut’ continues to take the world by storm, we are gradually seeing more and more exciting and creative hybrids of desserts and pastries making their way to center-shelf.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; start mixing up your recipes.

If you haven’t already heard of the cronut, it’s a crossbreed of a donut and a croissant.  And customers of the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City can’t get enough.  Here in the UK, bakeries have begun trying out variations of their own, such as the ‘duffin’ and the ‘townie’ developed by Bea’s of Bloomsbury Bakery in London.  If you can’t guess, these are donuts combined with muffins and brownie tarts.

Customers love to know that where they eat is innovative and continuously developing its offerings.  The family-run bakery in Easingwold, Dough recently created something special of its own – chocolate bread – brought back into production due to popular demand. Dough’s owner Colin Poma-Young explains, “People love a fad, a trend, a craze. That’s how they become trends. People want to try the exclusive new ‘thing’, and this, coupled with the democratisation of food and social media, means it’s accessible to everyone.”

Piggy-back onto this hybrid trend and you could see your sales rise.  A hybrid dessert will be a welcomed addition to any dessert menu and breathe new life into your offer.  Now is the perfect time to begin developing your hybrid treats; think mutated Halloween treats or more festive fusions in the run up to Christmas. Colin says, “A good way to experiment is to think about two things you like and how they might complement each other, rather than being wacky for wacky’s sake. I love meringue and cupcakes. How about a cupcake with the sponge hollowed out, and filled with a melon-ball-sized meringue? You could even pipe a bit of amarena cherry juice in there.”

Keeping on trend through innovation will always be a hit with your customers, but drawing from a popular trend to create something of your own will really capture their attention.  As Colin puts it, “We have an Italian theme, but are open to trying interesting things. We might not make a cronut, but it might encourage us to think about how we could adapt Italian dessert in an innovative way.”

Ultimately, the bottom line is: don’t get stale.

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