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I.O.Shen Knives

So, when we asked “What is your favourite knife brand and why…” the airwaves went crazy as everyone talked about the Japanese cutting edge I.O.Shen Mastergrade knives.

We spoke to Natalie McVeigh of I.O.Shen about the reason for the brand’s success.

Secret to sharpness

“It’s all in the steel!” says Natalie. ”Every blade has a central core of steel that’s the highest grade that can be commercially manufactured, sandwiched by outer, softer, shock absorbing steel. That way we can put an incredibly keen edge on the blade; as one chef I’ve just sold a knife to found out! He started showing off to his friends by ‘air-chopping’ with his new blade and subsequently removed his index finger from the knuckle down!”

The handle

I.O.Shen knives can withstand the thrashing they get in busy kitchens – as well as being beautiful to look at and to use. The brand’s unique and instantly recognisable Tai Tang handles, make I.O.Shen the only professional knives on the market that combine ‘westernised’ handles with eastern steel.

Proven popularity

TV celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes are fans. “I.O.Shen Knives are truly outstanding,” said Michelin starred
chef Adam Gray. “The balance of the knife and exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the blade make them the best knives I have ever used.”


1 8” Chefs Knife £89.95
2 Sahm Khom Slices £79.95
3 Pointed Paring Knife £57.95
4 Oriental Slicer £89.95
5 9” Chefs Knife £99.95

Oriental Slicer

The most versatile, and stunning, knife in the range, it is unique in design. The depth to the blade makes light work of tough root vegetables such as swede, butternut squash and turnips whilst the dramatic curve acts like a mezeluna and is perfect for ‘rock’ chopping delicate herbs.

9” Chef’s Knife

For a chef who is at home working with longer blades – then this is for you! A beautifully balanced knife, it has more depth than the 21cm chef’s knife so if you have larger hands, this would probably be a better fit.

Pointed Paring Knife

A staple in any kitchen, it has a comfortable fit, a stiletto point and ultra-sharp steel. It makes light work of smaller food prep tasks and the stiletto point is particularly useful for more intricate work from carving designs to holing strawberries.

The Sahm Khom Slicer

One of the most recognisable blades on the market, this is the younger brother to the Oriental Slicer and pronounced ‘Sam Com’. It can handle root vegetables and delicate herbs with the added bonus of being lighter and particularly useful at slicing and dicing meat. The amazingly sharp point strips through vegetables with ease and the heel of the blade is a ‘tour du force’!

The 8” Chefs Knife

A ‘one size fits all’ blade this is the most popular of the traditional style chef’s knives. The blade is long enough to tackle small joints whilst the depth is useful for all kinds of food prep including veg, fish and meat.


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