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Lazy, hazy days of sundaes

Make sure everyone screams for ‘ice cream’ this summer

Indulgent sundaes, a simple dessert, elevating a traditional pudding to a new level or as part of the quintessentially English ‘99’ – ice cream is a must have this summer, offering numerous additional revenue opportunities.

“Ice cream is playing an important part in this long and very British summer. As friends and family get together away from home, they look for treats that aren’t going to break the bank and everyone can enjoy”. Tony Lorman, General Manager, Mars Baked & Ice Cream

Innovation, new product development and a range of unusual flavours has kept ice cream in top spot when it comes to desserts. Eaten by 90% of all consumers, ice cream is a convenient, popular choice for Brits of all ages. It’s even weathered the recession, achieving consistent growth up to 2011. Mintel forecasts the ice cream market will grow even further, increasing by 11% to 2016. You can tap in to this growing market by ensuring ice cream is on both children’s and main menus in a wide range of flavours and why not include spectacular sundaes for extra magic. The importance of impulse buys should not be underestimated. Over the summer Brits love a 99, or an ice cream cone or lolly. Adding to milkshakes or soft drinks to create a ‘float’ are additional novel ways in which ice cream can also boost trade. As with all ice cream dishes, add-ons such as sauces, toppings, wafers and flakes can increase sales revenue. Mövenpick estimates that these extras can increase sales by between 10-20%.

Today’s consumers expect more than the traditional chocolate, strawberry or vanilla options too. Julia Jones, head of customer marketing at Mövenpick underlines the importance of variety and quality to customers, “Just under half of Brits claim they like to try new flavours rather than stick to the same one all the time, while a similar number are interested in unusual or exotic flavours. A further 3 in 10 cite high quality of ingredients as a purchase driver of the frozen treat.”

First Choice Food Service offer Red Lion Farm ice cream which is made with the finest quality ingredients in over 30 flavours. Made on a family-run Staffordshire farm with milk from their own Jersey cows, the ice cream is renowned for its rich dairy flavour.

For the ultimate children’s dessert why not consider stocking ice cream filled toys. Dunns stock Toby ice cream filled toy characters from Sub Zero which are enormously popular with children – young and old!

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