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Scoop the Rewards

Ice cream is a firm favourite – especially at this time of year. Served as an accompaniment, a dessert or a snack, it’s a guaranteed revenue winner and should be included on every menu.

According to Mintel, 85% of people eat ice cream and the recession has caused a rise in demand for this affordable, readily available treat.

Making it profitable

Boost your margins by adding accompaniments and exotic flavours. Ice cream brand Movenpick found that offering a range of toppings such as sprinkles, flakes, wafers and sauces resulted in a 10-20% increase in sales. It also found that consumers like variety. “Just under half of Brits claim they like to try new flavours rather than stick to the same one all the time, while a similar number are interested in unusual or exotic flavours,” says Julia Jones, head of customer marketing.

Fave new flavours

The wackier the better! Although according to the nation’s favourite ice cream flavours are cookies and cream, chocolate and vanilla, more weird and wonderful flavours are being scooped up. Chef Ferran Adria offered parmesan ice cream at his gourmet restaurant El Bulli in Spain. Ice cream firm Chin Chin Labs sells grilled sweetcorn and cigar smoked caramel to restaurants and Icecreamists restaurant in London one made out of breast milk has Baby Gaga ice cream blends breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest and charges £14 for the dish! And Amore Di Gelato’s ‘Amaretti Amaretto’ combines the savoury crunch of Amaretti biscuits with the sophisticated sweetness of almond-flavoured liqueur.

Forget the cone!

The ice cream sandwich is going to be popular this year, according to entrepreneur. com. Take a wafer, cake, biscuit or Italian style sweet bun and fill with ice cream for a portable summer snack that’s a clever twist on the traditional sandwich.

You can’t go wrong

  • It can be bought in
  • Requires little or no preparation
  • Loved by all ages
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