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Indulgent Desserts

Special occasions such as Mother’s Day (31 March) and Easter (19 April) provide a golden opportunity for caterers to boost their dessert offerings and in turn increase their profits.


In these days when sugar has become seen as enemy number one, Mother’s Day and Easter are times when customers have a great excuse to indulge – both are seen as acceptable occasions to give into your sweet tooth and have a well-deserved treat.

What to do

Both events present an opportunity for operators to go all-out with their dessert menu. So, this is the time to impress, and satisfy, customers with a spectacular pud that is worth the calories – and the guilt! Make it memorable and they are sure to return.

Take Stock brings you the recipes Raspberries & Passion Fruit Tartlette with Rondnoir and Pistachio Glazed Ciambella with Ferrero Rocher created by Ferrero Foodservice and renowned chef Francesco Mazzei to inspire and add a touch of luxury to your dessert menu…

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