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Is WiFi On Your Menu?

Is WiFi on your Menu?

Consumers have come to expect WiFi availability when eating out. With 70% of adults accessing the internet on the go using a mobile phone or smartphone in 2016*, outlets should use this to their advantage and introduce a WiFi hotspot in their establishments.

Get the best deal
If you don’t already have internet access or you are looking for an upgrade, make sure you research the best deal you can find for your budget. You need a strong WiFi connection that can hold an unlimited number of users at any one time as 61% of people search for a WiFi hotspot when eating and drinking*. Having a secure, efficient connection will avoid any dissatisfaction, and keep your customers happy.

Make it secureWiFi fact
It’s important to have as secure a connection as possible, especially if your establishment is popular with young families, to avoid any abusive/sensitive content being accessed. Ensure your router is hidden away so the public cannot make adjustments or plug in directly, and tune your WiFi signal strength so it only covers your business. suggests operators should frequently update the WiFi password to prevent people continuing to use the internet and slowing down the connection for paying customers. Speak to your broadband supplier about the security features available to you.

Make sure you advertise that your business has free WiFi. Chalkboards, menus and signs on the bar and tables are great places to present your access code to customers. Or, what about having WiFi code cards printed to hand out when seating parties? If you promote with a poster outside, you will attract families (WiFi connection is like gold dust to children and young people!) and customers looking for a place to work/use their laptop will buy a drink (or a few) and even food. Promote your brand and any offers on your WiFi login page or automatically direct customers to your website and social media accounts from the login page. Make sure that your social media followers are aware that WiFi is available throughout your venue.

Keep everyone happyWiFi checklist
It’s crucial you up your WiFi game before any event that will attract families and a higher turnover of children and teenagers than normal. Mother’s Day and Easter are fast approaching, but don’t forget Father’s Day, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas later in the year. Having internet access in your establishment will keep the kids entertained which means mum and dad will be happy to stay longer; therefore, happy to spend more money. If your venue is popular for holding bigger events, internet access is key for customers who want to update their social media accounts. Encourage them to tag you in any photos/posts to advertise your brand to their followers!


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