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It’s a Mini Revolution

Demand for single serve ‘minis’: red, white, rosé or sparkling goes from strength to strength, and it’s a brave outlet that doesn’t have a selection on offer.

Why you should stock a range of 187ml bottles:

  •   You can experiment with a big range to find the wine styles and brands that appeal best to your customer base.
  • Serving smaller format bottles is quick and convenient, as nearly all are screw top. Simply select the right    glass, open and pour. No corkscrews. No measures. No mess.
  • By not having to open a 75cl bottle to serve a glass of wine, you avoid the risk of unsold wine oxidising/going flat.
  •  No opened bottles to be stored. No need to keep track of how long a bottle has been opened.
  • Back of house stock takes up less storage space.
  • Front of house displays on the shelf or in the fridge look great and take up less space too.
  • Sparkling wine mini-bottles create theatre when being opened at the bar or at the table.
  • Stock investment for a wide range of wines is lower, so you have a nice wine list without breaking the bank.
  • Stock management is easier too – no need to estimate how many glasses are left in a bottle.

Why customers like smaller format wines:

  • Health conscious drinkers know exactly what they’ve drunk.
  • Temptation to finish the bottle is removed.
  • Groups can choose wines to suit individual tastes.
  • The small screw top format lets consumers take unfinished bottles home easily, so they can buy one late on, in the knowledge it won’t be wasted.
  • Lower cost compared with full sized bottles means people can more affordably experiment with wines across a wine list.
  • Diners can choose wines to suit different courses.
  • Guaranteed freshness – wine is always in perfect condition.

“It’s important to offer a wide range of great tasting wines in the smaller sized bottles that more and more customers are asking for.” John Mansfield, The Society of Vintners

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