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Keen as Mustard

Mustard is hot stuff at the moment. More than just the go-to condiment to accompany a hot dog or complement a juicy steak, mustards now go beyond toppings and into marinades, dips and as a key ingredient in many dishes.Take Stock shows you how to get your customers all fired up…

Why it works

The love for American cuisine shows no sign of slowing down. American mustard is growing in popularity with UK consumers* with all sectors and day parts having been influenced by the US. Pancakes have become the star turn at breakfast and hot dogs feature in the top 20 mains in pubs and hotels – even beef burgers have overtaken curry as the leading dinner dish!** Give American cuisine a strong presence on your menu as the quick, easy to cook dishes are perfect for all occasions such as Easter bank holiday when you will be dealing with a larger number of customers coming through your door.

What to serve

Marinades – Maple mustard for grilled chicken wings

Dips – spicy beer cheese dip & spicy red pepper hummus

Mains – loaded mustard chips, cheeseburger burritos & shredded pork tacos with spicy mustard salsa

View recipes All American Potato Skins with RedHot Salsa, Mustard Bagel Dogs, Maple Mustard Grilled Chicken Wings and Classic Burger with Homemade Chips

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