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Keeping Dad's Spirits Up

Keep Dad’s Spirits Up

Thanks to innovative twists and bespoke drinks, a cocktail on Father’s Day can be a perfect way to make the occasion truly memorable. Take Stock asked Tom Hodgkiss of Hi-Spirits for his thoughts about the best cocktails for any Father’s Day celebration…

What are the cocktail trends we’re likely to see this year?
The premiumisation of products being used, adding quality and value to the drinks. There are also growing numbers of health conscious consumers, so we’ll see many more ‘skinny’ cocktails. Finally, there’ll be continued interest in the authenticity and provenance of the spirits being served; people love to buy into where products are made and their history.

What’s your all-time favourite cocktail and why?
The Negroni. It is easy to make with equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth. They can be drunk at any time, for any occasion. Apéritif or digestif – either is fine with me! But it’s a great looking drink. Simple can often be best.

What makes a good Father’s Day cocktail?Mixologist
Something that contains their favourite spirit and perhaps relates to their personality. Nothing too complicated is advised, and in my experience men tend to prefer shorter cocktails of a dark colour and not too sweet – so not a Cosmopolitan or Strawberry Daiquiri! An Old Fashioned, Manhattan or simple Whiskey Sour are popular.

How would you encourage more cocktail sales?
Ask your customers what spirits, mixers and flavours they like and create a drink specifically for them. Advertise your cocktails through blackboards, posters and table talkers, and think about offering a price offer or food pairing deal.

Cocktails for Dad: Amazing Grace and The Boulevardier

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