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Keep the Volume Down

Keep the Volume Down!

Your low or no alcohol drinks should be just as varied and appealing as your alcoholic ones.

With one-in-four people thinking of, or trying to, cut down their drinking and the demand for a more virtuous, healthier drinks offering, it’s hardly surprising that brands are bringing a variety of exciting 0% drinks to market.

What are 0% and low alcohol drinks?
In the the UK, low or no alcohol beers and wines are normally split into the following categories:
• Alcohol-free and de-alcoholised: Contains 0.05% alcohol or less
• Low-alcohol: contains more than 0.5% but no more than 1.2%

An opportunity
Premium 0% drink sales are on the rise, fuelled by the fact that:
• 1-in-4 people are thinking of, or trying to, cut down their drinking*
• 19% of the UK population don’t drink at all, rising to 25% for 16-24 year olds*
• 32% of Britons tried alcohol-free beer last year*
Catering for this audience is vitally important, and not just for your bottom line.

Marketing low or no alcohol drinks
Clear advertising and promotion of your low or no alcoholic drink selection will draw in customers.
• Sit a small chiller on your back bar specifically for low and no alcoholic drinks to maximise visibility.
• Have a dedicated section on your menus and wine/craft beer listings.
• Organise blind tasting events – customers will be genuinely surprised. Indeed, research has shown nearly 20% of Brits are unable
to taste the difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer!
• Don’t put low and nos on your premium soft drinks menus – treat them as a serious alternative to standard alcoholic drinks and have them on that listing.
• Include low and no options in your food pairing suggestions.
• Have a low and no premium offering, within your promotions planner.
• Promote new additions to the category – younger customers in particular love to be the first to try (and then tell the social media world about) new tastes and experiences.
• And of course make sure your offerings (and customer feedback) are posted on your social media.

New Wines

The Law
The Licensing Act 2003 states alcohol means beer, wine, cider, spirits or other liquor over 0.5% ABV. Therefore, legal advice is that under 18s can buy and consume drinks that are at, or below 0.5%, as none of the underage laws apply. However, many publicans refuse to serve these drinks to under 18s, mainly because of the difficulty staff have in telling if customers are drinking legally, and don’t want the risk of being fined for allowing underage drinking. It’s your choice!

New drinks on the block

With the demand for more virtuous, healthier drinks offerings, brands are bringing a variety of exciting 0% drinks to market.
Latest arrivals include:

Cobra Zero – The same premium taste, but no alcohol!

Bavaria 0.0% – New to the Molson Coors range, Bavaria is a premium 0.0% Dutch lager

Heineken 0.0 – Heineken 0.0 is a premium lager beer with just 69 calories a bottle

Eisberg – Now with ‘Sparkling Blanć and ‘Sparkling Rosé’ in their leading alcohol-free wine range

  • Next to water, alcohol-free beer is the healthiest thing to drink in the pub

*Source: Drinkaware stats, Opinium research

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