Schwartz September 2019
Kitchen Capers

Kitchen Capers!

Capers are one of those lesser known ingredients that provide a distinctive taste in several famous dishes. An ancient ingredient, these little green berries are versatile, available year round and bring a unique depth and flavour to modern cooking. Stock up on a few jars – pickled or salted – and your customers won’t be disappointed with the results.

How to use?What are capers
Because of the pickling process, it’s a good idea to rinse and blot dry pickled capers before use. Once opened, make sure capers are submerged in their liquid and kept refrigerated. Capers in salt should be kept in airtight containers. Chop larger capers before adding them to your dish and for the best flavour, add at the end of the cooking process. The tangy, lemony, bitter flavour of capers adds piquancy to dishes. Mix with lemon, garlic butter or Dijon mustard to create wonderful sauces; use in tapenades and as a garnish for meat, fish and pasta dishes and of course use in classics like remoulade and tartare sauce – so perfect with fish and chips (see our Frying High feature).

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