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L'esprit de France

L’Esprit de France

The English have a long standing love affair with all things French – which is why, after Spain, it’s the top summer holiday destination for UK travellers.

And what’s not to like? Sunshine and scenery; cheese and wine; long lunches listening to the click of boules from the village square; the pleasure of sitting outside a café watching the world go by…

Well now you can bring a little bit of France to your customers here in the UK by adding ‘Sirop’ based alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to your lists.

Here are some suggestions that should tickle every kind of taste bud.

Click here for the recipes, Barista Amaretto, Ginger Ale Twist, Passion on Ice, Cola Cooler, Shipwrecked, Lazy Days, Gingerbread Martini.


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