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The silly season is almost upon us. And with the build up to Christmas getting earlier each year – or it certainly seems that way – it’s crucial to be prepared. And that doesn’t mean just buying a tonne of party hats!

Whether you’re hosting parties, are inundated with girlie nights out or post-work festive drinks, party
food is the perfect choice when catering for the festive crowds – and the freezer often has the best range.
“Christmas is the busiest time of the year and consumer expectations are always high,” says Aviko general manager, Mohammed Essa. “With the excessive number of parties over the festive period, consumers quickly become bored with the traditional ‘turkey with all the trimmings’ offering, and there is also the risk of waste as caterers often need to prepare food in advance. This leaves caterers under
a great deal of pressure – not only to serve quality food in high volume but also to keep menus fresh and unique in order to stay ahead of the competition.”

Whether it’s a shared platter or individual servings, hand-held, easy-to-eat food is highly profitable yet requires minimal effort. Easy to cook, with low preparation time, nil wastage and portion control, it’s perfect for the festive season.

Suggestions for party food
– Chilli cheddar nuggets
– Hash brown bites
– Potato wedges
– Beer-battered onion rings
– Garlic & herb wedges
– Mozzarella fingers

Top Tips

1. Pick ‘n’ mix

Give customers the freedom to choose their favourite options by offering a ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ list. This is a great way to create custom-made sharing platters for a fixed price and helps caterers tap into the growing appetite for interactive, build-your-own meals.

2. Go veggie

It’s a great idea to introduce vegetarian and gluten-free food onto your menu – even for meat-eaters who want a change.

3. Homely feel

Add some homemade dips to go with the food. These can be prepared in advance, and are an added bonus that will leave the customer feeling like you’ve gone the extra mile.

4. Present with creativity.

Plant pots, steel buckets, chunky chopping boards and mini frying baskets are all fun, eye-catching ways to present party food and make platters a talking point for customers.



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