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Lift your Spirits

Join the Spirit Revolution and see your spirit sales grow.

Spirit Revolution is a new initiative from Diageo to help foodservice tap into a huge sales growth opportunity across the spirit category. The drink expert is inspiring you to sell more and serve better
spirit drinks. And it’s all achievable through your menu and merchandising.

Make a mark

According to Diageo’s research, a third of customers haven’t decided what they want to drink when they come through your door, and 90% of purchase decisions are made at the bar or at the table. A drinks menu plays a vital role in decision-making and creates an opportunity to inspire customers to choose
something different – and more profitable.

Different roles

Menus perform different roles throughout the day. During quiet, relaxed times they provide inspiration and a helping hand for the indecisive drinker. On special occasions, a menu forms part of the whole experience as consumers take time to read the options and descriptions and make a more considered
choice. A simple but bright menu is perfect for the party or late-night crowd, as this helps them choose a drink in a busy and often dimly lit environment.


  • Be selective and limit choice. More than eight drinks will be confusing
  • Show pictures of finished drinks, eg. vodka & cranberry; whiskey & ginger. This will tempt customers and let them know what to expect
  •  Include the price. Customers are more likely to choose a spirit if they know the cost

Don’t fail to display

Shockingly, one-quarter of publicans don’t use their back bar displays – a wasted opportunity. In order to sell more spirits you have to make bottles visible, accessible and easier to choose. Display your core range, which consists of your best sellers, and place them in the centre and behind each other so
you don’t run out, along with new or seasonal spirits to excite your customers.

Use your back bar

  •  Remove clutter
  • Separate light spirits from dark ones
  • Double bank your best sellers
  • Display fresh fruit to demonstrate that drinks will be served properly
  • Group your brands using the Core Method – your bestsellers, Excite – new or seasonal spirits, and Must-Stock – lower volume spirits
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