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Flavour of the Month Macaroons

Macaroons are perfect as wedding favours – they look beautiful on the tables and can be taken home to be enjoyed later.

It’s no wonder the French delicacies have become the go-to sugary treat for on-trend couples wanting to impress.

These small biscuits are simple in their basic recipe, made primarily with almond flour, sugar and egg whites. However, recent innovations have seen a wide range of flavours, colours and fillings that have made macaroons a versatile option for those wanting that little something special.

To make the most of the trend, why not make your own and offer them to couples hosting weddings at your venue? You can package them individually for guests, and offer extra personalisation services to give your customers a range of options for their budget and preference. Having them in different flavours and hues will make them fit in with any colour scheme and theme.

Try this delicious recipe from one of our lovely twitter followers Peter Knibb (@peterknibb) for an exciting take on the continental classic.

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